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    xF2 Add-on in Credit [XenGenTr] Slider v1.0.0 Beta 2020-12-13

    xF2 Add-on
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    Switch on / off plug-in
    6 Adding Custom Pictures
    6 Adding Custom Description
    6 Adding Custom Links
    Cache Feature

    Set up

    Download and unzip the xengentr-Slider-v 1.0.0 beta. zip file
    Xengentr-Slider-v 1.0.0 put files in the FTP home directory in the beta folder
    Add ADMINCP / Add-ons / [xengentr] Slider V1 Beta 1.0.0 download from the box
    ADMINCP / View and Languages / Theme Properties / Xengentr adjust your settings in the Slider Settings section

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