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xF2 Add-on
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This is a complete rewrite of my media library system for XenForo. XenMedio is a library system where users can submit videos hosted on several popular media platforms (ie: YouTube, Dailymotion, etc). They can then tag keywords and users directly to videos, which can help search and find them in a *booru-style system.

Basic Features:
  • Automatic retrieval of media data from submissions.
  • Content tagging through keywords and users.
  • *booru-style keyword/user searching and filtering.
  • Rudimentary support for embedding for local content.
  • Full integration into XenForo's content handler system.
  • Follows the basic XF addon procedures:
  • Don't forget to set up your permissions
  • Bit Chute
  • DailyMotion
  • DailyMotion Playlists
  • FlickR (requires an API key)
  • FunnyOrDie
  • GameSpot
  • Imgur
  • MetaCafe
  • NicoVideo
  • RuTube
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitch (requires an API key)
  • Vimeo
  • Vimeo Playlists
  • YouTube (requires an API key)
  • YouTube playlists
Upgrading from XF1:
Because of how different likes/reactions are between XF2.0 and XF2.1, the import process is now a bit more complicated.
  • Install the 2.0.x version of this addon FIRST; do not install the XF 2.1.x version!
  • Run the appropriate import procedure in Tools > Import Data
  • Install the 2.1.x version of this addon after you're sure all data has been successfully imported.
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