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xF2 Add-on in Credit Xon - Image Count Limit by User Group 2.2.1 2.2.1

xF2 Add-on
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Provides user-group based count limits for posts.

If the limit is set to -1/unlimited, then no limit is applied.
If the limit is set to 0, the global limit is used.


  • Threads
  • Conversations

  • Max Images (under Forums)
  • Max Images (under Conversations)
Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "More Information" link.


If you appreciate this addon, please consider a contribution via PayPal. Details will be provide via private conversation.

Please contact me if you wish for different licencing arrangements.

Latest updates

  1. Image Count Limit by User Group 2.2.1

    Add empty placeholder installer file for upgrades from very old versions
  2. 2.2.0 - Maintenance update

    Require XenForo 2.2+ Minor code cleanup Replace png add-on icon with font-awesome icon
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