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    Whmcs in Credit Xtream UI Online System Test 2023-08-06

    Whmcs in Credit
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    System features
    Test packages are created with the user's email address.
    The user writes their e-mail address and a confirmation code is sent to the e-mail address.
    After the user fills in the required information, a page opens where he can enter the confirmation code.
    Test information is automatically sent to the e-mail address.
    M3u, Enigma and Mag information are given.
    Adults can choose channels.
    Country selection can be made. (Only viewable in selected country)
    The test limit can be set.
    You can set a certain limit on a daily basis and reset the limit every day.
    There are allowed mail extensions, you can allow providers such as gmail, hotmail to prevent testing with fake mails.
    If you don't want to give test time to test mode, you can turn test mode off.

    Transfer your files to your FTP. Create a new database from your hosting panel. Transfer the “englisch_sql.sql” file in the setup file to the database you created.
    Enter your database information in the inc/define.php file and change the URL.

    Admin Panel :
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    Username: admin
    Password: 123456

    It is recommended to use with cPanel
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