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  1. ian @ ian:
    Hello to everyone i have decided to open back Shout box i think is better then other live chat it was running Please to all members start by reading Forum Rules! https://myiptvforum.com/forums/announcements-disclaimer-news-rules.2/
  2. D @ Drpop:
    Hello everybody. I'm a newbie here. Have a nice day!?
  3. A @ antman:
    @Drpop, welcome enjoy your stay
  4. R @ roa:
  5. R @ roa:
    can anymore explian me please after i install stalker portal player for pc how i get the links ?
  6. J @ Jack44:
  7. Zhelina @ Zhelina:
    I need like to seen posts
  8. ian @ ian:
    @Zhelina, Can you read forum rules before you get banned for breaking the rules https://myiptvforum.com/threads/forum-rules.1/
  9. ian @ ian:
    (4) Post Links / Likes - Do not post links or requests towards other forums - Asking other Members to hit Likes is forbidden! Earn your likes with sharing good Stuff! - Asking other Members Links is forbidden! - Cheating the system is forbidden !
  10. ian @ ian:
    Hello guys do we have any Good reseller with more then 2 Connection in the house ?
  11. Zhelina @ Zhelina:
    Ok sorry @ian
  12. M @ Moi:
    hello all's
  13. E @ EduardoKST:
    Hello guys, i can decode/nulling mofules and addons for WHMCS, if someone wanna just PM ME, after will be posted on the forum
  14. ian @ ian:
    @EduardoKST, you can start posting anything you like you are free to do so community will thank you for your work
  15. C @ cryptoboy:
    @ian: I do have one with more than 2 connections. I just sent you a PM as well.
  16. Expire0 @ Expire0:
    @ian I have a three connection account. Let me know if you still need it
  17. ian @ ian:
    @Expire0, ok bro i will let you know when i need it