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  • Download Axel XTV Suite Playout 16.1.1

    Download Axel XTV Suite Playout 16.1.1
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    Axel XTV Suite Playout 16.1.1​

    XTV Suite is a professional set of software for TV Broadcast Automation which manages Video Playout, Capture, Trimming, Scheduling and CG. Granting automatic and unattended efficiency 24×7, XTV is the perfect tool for TV stations, Satellite Channels, Cable TV, News Room, Web TV, CCTV. Corporate TV, hotel pay TV channels, museums info channels and video wall display can also use it and take advantage of its user-friendly interface. XTV Channel In A Box (CIAB) architecture guarantees a linear scalability of your TV Playout facility.
    XTV Suite supports SDI (HD, 4K, 8K), IP I/O such as NDI, SMPTE 2022 & SMPTE 2110 (with specific video cards), UDP, RTMP, HLS, RTSP and more. Now also ready for Cloud with the latest XTV Cloud release!

    Media compatibility and multiformat benefits

    XTV plays out any kind of media in any resolution: DV, HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, H.264, QuickTime, MXF, XDCAM, PRORES, DNXHD, GXF, LXF, etc. XTV allows to play and mix any media format according to broadcaster’s production workflow and pros and cons of each AV codec.

    XTV is compatible with the video cards from these manufacturers: Aja, Blackmagic, Bluefish4444, DekTec, Deltacast, Magewell, Stream Labs, Yuan

    Dynamic Playlist: Real time playlist management without black frames nor freezes. Advanced Scheduler: Unlimited playlist length with automatic clip skipping and cutting when late.

    Duration stretching when ahead of time. Sequence loop.

    Automatic filler insertion for gap handling.

    Log Report: Status and playout logging, with XML export for easy processing and printing.

    No Database: Metadata is saved directly into media file, allowing file rename, copying and moving.

    IP workflows

    Support of IP I/O such as NDI, SMPTE 2022 & SMPTE 2110 (with specific video cards) turns XTV Suite to a game changer. NDI and IP sources are also supported directly on the playlist allowing playout of NDI, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP streams and setting parameters specifically, such as aspect ratio correction modes, vertical and horizontal crop to minimize letterbox on air, field dominance inversion, etc.

    An internal IP encoder allows sending playout output via UDP to external multiplexers, or via RTMP, HLS, RTSP, IIS Live smooth, or windows media streaming to cloud servers for media distribution on internet. If an Nvidia GTX or better board is installed, GPU accelerated compression allows to use H264 and H265 codecs without affecting the computer’s CPU.

    XTV Cloud

    The new version of the well-known XTV Suite: specially designed to be installed on physical or Virtual Machines, both at your own data center or at your favorite Cloud Provider’s premises.

    XTV Cloud requires a Windows Server Operating System and a hardware configuration with enough performance to act as a Video Server with IP based I/O.

    Access to the Playout and Management Applications is achieved using RDP over HTML technology through any web browser on any operating system and device.

    User interface is automatically scaled to the device being used and up to three simultaneous users can connect allowing control of the Playout, Media Upload, Trimming and Playlist Management at the same time.

    Audio Monitoring and preview is also passed directly through the web browser allowing a seamless user experience.

    Final IP output can be configured in many formats including RTMP, SRT, HLS, DASH , etc… and scaled as desired, while SCTE-35 triggers are available in SRT, UDP, HLS embedded in the video stream (not in the manifest file).

    Live inputs can be configured to receive IP streams from the studio or outside broadcasts and are displayed on the Playout Multiviewer with on-screen vu meters and audio preview on the web browser.

    Among the available formats you’ll find WebRTC: high quality and low latency assured plus the chance to use an AxelTech MXC as an encoder. The popular SRT format can also be used, encoding from a Vmix Software or a hardware box.

    Designed to achieve a true universal format compatibility

    Multi-channel TV stations and TV networks will enjoy XTV scalable structure and universal file compatibility.

    XTV is designed to achieve a full universal format compatibility. XTV ties together all production departments allowing direct playout of DV, HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, QuickTime, AVI, MXF, XDCAM, PRORES, DNXHD, GXF, LXF, etc… in any resolution or frame rate with automatic adaption.

    XTV Suite will satisfy those customers looking for second generation CIAB – Channel In A Box and will provide traditional playout deployment reliability and functionalities with the typical CIAB TCO.

    SCTE-104 and SCTE-35 support

    AD Insertion is a critical step for many video delivery systems and one of the most important considering the income that it should generate.
    OTT (Over-The-Top) video delivery on the internet helps getting the best results in advertisement cause it is possible to send customised ads to each viewer. These systems are partially based on the AD Insertion workflow which uses the SCTE-104 and SCTE-35 standard commands as triggers.
    AxelTech products for playout and encoding (XTV/XPlayout and MultiCrossConverter) support SCTE-104 on SDI outputs and SCTE-35 on IP streaming in Transport stream and SRT, inserting the SCTE metadata in the video signals/streams.

    Input Sources Multiview

    In XPlayout all configured live sources in NDI, SDI and WebRTC can be displayed in a preview window on the main GUI.
    The preview window features on screen vu-meters and audio waveform, audio pre listen, fast “take to air” button and a 2×2 multiview option.

    XTV Suite includes:

    • XPlayout > 24×7 Automation
    • XIngest > real-time capture from SDI-NDI-IP

    Free tools included in XTV Suite:

    • XTrimmer > Metadata injector and quality control
    • XScheduler > Offline playlist management
    • CGComposer > CG template creator
    • XLogsViewer > As run logs viewer
    • XInfo > Playlist information display
    • XRouter > Routing switcher sharing on LAN
    • XRemote > Remote control or routing switcher
    • XEmergency > N+1 playout redundancy (needs XPlayout licence)
    Download Link:
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