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cherryEPG is a flexible tool suite, which generates an appropriate digital output data stream from ingested input data for enabling the digital receiver to show an on screen EPG over the rendered video content. Thanks to its configurability, the operator can set his settings within a simple spreadsheet file and reconfigure the system. cherryEPG will extract properties from the *.xls file reconfigure itself accordingly. Such a way of configuration is nowadays not very common, but it allows user friendly configuration planning and documenting at the same time.

EPG generator positioning
EIT generator positioning
The digital receiver renders EPG from a DVB Event Information Table (EIT), specified by ETSI EN 300468 standard and streamed with a multiplexer on the output of TV head-end. Therefore, cherryEPG is connected to the input of the multiplexer. The network operator has to assure, that cherryEPG has access to the external world trough an IT infrastructure.

After scheme configuration it starts to fetch data from different content providers or content aggregators. Many different formats and methods are supported. All the collected event information are stored in the internal database from where the output EIT tables are generated and played out according to the DVB standard EN 300468 and Technical Specification TS 101211. Because the output of the cherryEPG is on IP, it can be physically located anywhere in the network and is not limited to the head-end room. Because the output is standardized, the generated output EITs are suitable for any DVB broadcaster or network operator for use in their cable, satellite or terrestrial distribution network.

cherryEPG supports many networks with hundreds of services and full mashed configuration. With such a flexible configuration options it allows also white label EIT service generation for many distant distribution networks interconnected to the same central distribution point.


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