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Info Rules for Downloads: Collect Likes for Downloads



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Dear Members,

The rule are simple, you have to share Download Links (as Hidden Like Link), to collect Likes from other members. With the collected Likes you are able to open (see) the hidden links from other members.

So every member of the forum has to work through "link sharing" to collect likes through other forum members, which makes the members more active

How to get see (unhide) the Download

For Example:
To get see (unhide) this Download Link, it is required that you have collect 15 likes from other members. In this case the members has just 7 likes


To collect the required 15 likes, you have to share also some "hidden download links"

How to collect likes ??

Just share here good stuff like Downloads, HowTo's, Tutorial or Documentations etc. as has "Hidden Like Links".
You will collect the Likes with each Member that like on your Post.

Even more you share even more likes you will get collect from other user

How to Like a Post ?

Just hit the Like Icon on the buttom of the Post:


How to Add a Like Link ??

1. Click to the Hidden Like Link Icon on the Editor Menu


2. On the Popup Wndow: Add the Number of Likes, add the Download Link you want to share, and hit continue to save it.


3. Once you have successfully add your "hidden download link", click "Post thread" to save it.



You can just simple use BBCodes directly like:
[LIKES=5][URL unfurl="true"][/URL][/LIKES]
After saving it should look like this :
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How many Likes did i need add to my Links ?

How many likes are needed for which download depends on the quality of the download, e.g. a new program that is not easy to get on the internet should need many likes.

Everyone should decide for themselves how much their download link is valuable in likes.

Preventing LAW issues

To prevent from some LAW issues, i will remove from all images and files attachment upload from the Forum Webspace.
So in future uploading Files and Images directly to the Forum Webspace will be disable and no more allowed.

Only remote links to Images and Files will be allowed and accepted.

All download files needs to be upload to external file hoster like, google drive, dropbox, etc. and
their links MUST BE share here as Hidden Like Link.

It is forbidden to use filehosters who are misleading and automatically link to third parties!

!!! It is forbidden to ask other members for like !!!


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