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Download Setup Plesk 9.2.1 and Crack full unlimited

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Download Setup Plesk 9.2.1 and Crack full unlimited


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Apr 5, 2020
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2:32 AM
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1 First, open all the following ports:
#20 ftp-data#21 ftp#22 ssh#25 smtp#53 dns (TCP and UDP)#80 http (web server and Plesk updater)
#106 poppassd (for localhost only)#110 pop3#113 auth#143 imap#443 https#465 smtps#587 mail message submission
#990 ftps#993 imaps#995 pop3s#3306 mysql#5224 (outgoing connections only) plesk-license-update#5432 postgres
#8443 plesk-https#8880 plesk-http#8401#8402 Manager SQL#8425 Webmail#9080 tomcat

Added since version 9.0:
# 11443 sw-cp-serverd
# 11444 sw-cp-serverd
These two ports are used for SSO service when Billing is installed.
Added since version 10.0
# 8447 autoinstaller

2. In turn install IIS, FTP Server (you can install additional Mail server and SQL server if you do not want to use the default mail server and sql server included in the plesk installation).

3. Download the full plesk installation version:
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4. Stop plesk in the system tray and download the version crack to overwrite.


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