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  • Download «✧» TrueCaller MOD Gold Unlocked v14.10.6 «✧» ✨✩ EHT✩✨

    Download «✧» TrueCaller MOD Gold Unlocked v14.10.6 «✧» ✨✩ EHT✩✨
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    European Hacking Team
    Jan 5, 2024
    Budapest, Budapest,Hungary
    Introduce about «✧» TrueCaller MOD Gold Unlocked v14.10.6 «✧» ✨✩ EHT✩✨


    What is TrueCaller?
    ✨TrueCaller is an app that protects and warns users of fraudulent, annoying, or malicious calls,… through the ability to identify incoming phone numbers to identify who is calling.

    ✨This app is becoming more and more popular. To use this app, the mobile device needs to be connected to Wifi or run on mobile data. This app will assist you in blocking strange calls, spam messages as well as annoying ads sent to your phone. Besides, you can also create your own block list.

    Instructions to download TrueCaller
    ✨Open the App Store or CH Play app on your phone and search for TrueCaller. After downloading, click access and start using this app. Next, you have to create your profile on TrueCaller through 3 applications: Facebook, Google or manually create.
    ✨After setting up the profile, on the home page of the app, you will see all calls and apps, this will help you manage a lot easier.
    ✨Moreover, TrueCaller also supports you in blocking strange messages, switchboard messages, and advertisements. Every day, we probably receive a lot of strange messages sent to us, thus interfering in our lives as well as taking up our rest time. Therefore, TrueCaller will have additional features to block this inappropriate content.

    Blocking features on TrueCaller
    ✨When using TrueCaller, you can choose the blocking feature according to your needs. TrueCaller allows you to block unnecessary items, and remove unacceptable information on the phone. Thereby creating a comfortable and relaxing space for users and not being disturbed.
    ✨Block a country code
    ✨This feature includes blocking all phone numbers in any country you choose. If you feel too bothered with foreign calls, TrueCaller will best support you in this process.
    ✨Block by SMS sender
    ✨If you do not want to receive messages from any specific person, you can select this feature and block by their name. This feature will help you not see any messages from the other party, creating the comfortable space you want.
    ✨Block by phone series
    ✨This feature supports you to block by phone number series. Just enter the serial number you want to block here, and this feature will immediately come into play.
    ✨Block phone numbers
    ✨And finally, the most used feature is blocking by phone number. You can block numbers with or without contacts fastest, and at the same time select multiple phone numbers at once to block.

    Once selected, the feature will be in my block folder. Now you will easily manage the information sent to your phone.

    ✨MOD APK version of Truecaller
    ✨MOD feature
    ✨Gold Unlocked

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