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This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your users based on simple free or paid packages. You can include your website in the source of income, protecting your valuable content or only part of it.

Protect your pages, products, categories, any URLs, content sections, images, menus, whatever, and set a redirect or replace rule.

Updates Log
Version 9.5 – 02.19.2021 – Massive Update
- Improve Bank Transfer payment workflow
- Improve Crons processes
- Improve Subscriptions structure
- Improve Users profile management on Admin Dashboard
- Improve Notifications management
- Improve Registration process
- Improve Invoices for Orders
- Improve Memberships table display
- Improve UMP Dashboard display on Mobile devices
- Improve Orders table on Administrator Dashboard
- Improve 2checkout Payment workflow
- Improve Homepage restrictions
- Improve content Restriction workflow
- Fix WordPress Workflow Restrictions module
- Fix Lock Rules - Categories with Except setup
- Fix List Access Posts showcase workflow
- Fix Memberships & Payments module
- Fix Suspend Account button process
- Fix Braintree simple payments notifications
- Add New Subscriptions Events
- Add Memberships Grace Period option
- Add Memberships various actions after End of Term
- Add Memberships various actions after Cancel
- Add New 11 Notificaitons
- Add Refund option inside Administrator Dashboard
- Add Taxes on Orders table
- Add extra constants
- Add Merchant Business details
- Add Authorize Search Engines option
- Add restriction over SignUp for specific Usernames
- Add User Banner editing option
- Add Restrict entire Website
- Add Member Profile section
- Add Extra options for Orders on Administrator Dashboard
- Add Insert/Edit Orders options

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