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Tutorial XBMC Install Kodi for Windows


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Install Kodi for Windows

Unleash the power of your Windows PC by installing Kodi and opening a whole new world of fun and entertainment. Within less than 10 minutes you can be up and running with Kodi on your Windows computer, you won’t believe that you could have lived without it.

Step 1: Download the latest Kodi software package for Windows.
Windows: Installer
Step 2: Double Click the file you just downloaded to start the Installer.
Step 3: Allow your computer to run the software, if prompted, by clicking the “Run” button.
Step 4: Follow the Installer’s process by clicking “Next” when prompted.
Step 5: Wait a few minutes while the installation process finishes.
Step 6: The Installer will tell you when it’s completed, just click “Finish” to close the Installer.
Congratulations! You’ve now installed Kodi for Windows, how easy was that?

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