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xF2 Add-on in Credit AndyB Resize 2.6 2.6

xF2 Add-on
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Premium upgrade:

This XF2 add-on along with the entire collection can be purchased for $35.00 USD. Your Premium upgrade will allow you to download as many XF2 add-ons as you like for one year. Please see the entire collection located in the Resources area at this URL:


Easily resize any attached image in a post or conversation.

(Example of Resize link)



  • PNG images are converted to JPG.
  • All phrases start with resize_ for your convenience.
Questions and Answers:

Q: Is the original attachment overwritten?
A: Yes.

Q: Should I allow Registered user group to use this feature?
A: No. I suggest only the Administrator be allowed to use this feature.

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Latest updates

  1. AndyB Resize 2.6

    Resize v2.6 changes: Fixed issue with image selection condition.
  2. AndyB Resize 2.5

    Resize v2.5 changes: Updated abstracted file system code.
  3. AndyB Resize 2.4

    Resize v2.4 changes: Now possible to only add a border without resizing.
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