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    Download Premium URL Shortener - Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes 7.2 7.2

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    Premium URL Shortener 5.9.4 Nulled is a PHP URL shortener script packed with many unique features. It has been built from scratch with performance in mind. Some of the features include geotargeting, premium membership, a powerful dashboard, and admin panel and a series of CMS tools to help you build your dream. Furthermore, it will keep getting better with each update!


    This script is now much more social-friendly. All pages have their own thumbnail, unique title, description and video embed code (Youtube only). Want to give it a try? Share this URL on Facebook and notice the thumbnail, title, description, video and the

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    With the extended license, the script turns into a SaaS platform and automatically manages all payments through Stripe.

    New Team Feature

    The new team feature allows you to invite members to your group and operate the same account as a team. This is perfect for collaboration!

    Bundles & Link Rotator

    The bundle feature allows you to regroup some links and will generate you a special link where you will be able to send that to people. That special link will allow them to see all links in the bundle and use them. This new feature allows a bundle to act as a rotator. The special link will rotate links randomly and will send the user to short link within the bundle.

    jQuery Driven With Fallback

    The URL shortener script is built using the powerful javascript library jQuery. Awesome effects have been added to provide an amazing user-experience while some advanced techniques have been used to make your website spam-free. The script automatically uses fallback when javascript is disabled.

    Private Service

    Are you looking to use this script for your own purpose? No problem. Just enable the private option in the admin panel and only you and all the accounts you only will create will be able to access the site and use the features.

    URL Bookmarking System with Bookmarklet

    URLs are automatically associated to registered users and are saved on their account for future access. Users can now drag a bookmarklet tool to their bookmarks bar and instantaneously shorten the URL of the site they are viewing.

    Anonymous User History (new)

    Anonymous users can now keep track of their last 10 URLs without being registered. This option can easily be enabled or disabled from the admin panel.

    Facebook Connect and Twitter Login

    Latest updates

    1. Premium URL Shortener - Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes 7.2

      v7.2 - 11/01/2023 Added Deep linking for Links Added OpenTable Widget for Bio Pages Added...
    2. Premium URL Shortener v6.7.3

      v6.7.3 (30/10/2022) + Added Hooks for Links + Improved Plugin & Theme System + Improved Vouchers...
    3. Premium URL Shortener v6.6.3 Nulled

      v6.6.3 (05/10/2022) + Improved Paddle Payment Gateway + Fixed Error 500 on Checkout for...
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