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xF2 Add-on in Credit [Wutime] Limited Guest Viewing 1.7.0 1.7.0

xF2 Add-on
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Compatible XF Versions :
2.0, 2.1, 2.2
Fully featured system to limit the number of content pages your guests can view before being forced to register. It also supports a nag system to warn users that they're on a limited number of views before having to register.

Proven method of increasing forum registrations without negatively affecting SEO or annoying your visitors.

Features include:
  • Cookie-based to ensure SEO/BOT friendly
  • Session-based to force registration
  • Set max views allowed
  • Set warning screen on/off
  • Set number of views before warning shows
  • Exclude forums from view counting
  • Granular control over the types of content that count towards view limit
System includes:
  • All language in phrases
  • Supports multilingual translation
  • guest-view-limit-reached.PNG
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  • limited-guest-viewing.PNG
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  • 1.5.3 options.PNG
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Latest updates

  1. v1.7.0 - Allow zero entries for warning and forced registration

    Allow warning level to be set to zero views Allow force registration to be set to zero views

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