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  • xF2 Add-on
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    Tagging specific posts in a thread so they can be easily navigated to.

    This is useful for long threads discussing a topic over a lengthy period of time and many pages. A threadmark allows a user to quickly jump to a specific post which is related to a certain event, date, or whatever is relevant to the thread.

    Optionally this allows building an 'index' of posts and allows easy next/previous navigation between marked posts. A threadmark index can then be attached to a threadmark list for additional information and statuses.

    Requires XenForo 2.0.10+

    Reader mode
    • Only show threadmarked posts for a thread
    • Support custom posts per page in reader mode
    • Global on/off switch
    RSS Feed
    • Per-thread-per-category RSS feed, with global option to disable.
    • Can create a threadmark on thread create or post reply.
    • Can create a threadmark from an 'add threadmark' button on each post.
    • Can edit a threadmark on editing a post.
    • Supports soft-deleting or unapproving threadmarks (ie approval queue support)
    • Next/Previous navigation
    Threadmark List
    • Provides a list of threadmarks on the thread.
    • Handle large number of threadmarks on an index but only displaying a range.
    • Provide a dynamic loader to fetch more threadmarks when the user clicks the filler slot.
    • Configurable limits for standalone threadmark list or embedded into a thread view.
    Threadmark Index
    • A thread profile like feature.
      • Icon/graphic
      • Overall description
      • Statistics
    • Permissions on the user is permitted to add links/images to the description.
    • Permissions on "additional links" which allow blessed link formats (ie link matching a patreon regex) to be listed to the side of the description.
    • Can create a threadmark index on thread create.
    • Supports soft-deleting or unapproving threadmarks(ie approval queue support)
    Per-forum options
    • Require threadmark on thread create.
    • Require threadmark index on thread create.
    • Embed threadmark index in first page of 'reader mode' thread or normal mode.
    Linking Threads via Threadmark index
    • Threads can be added to an existing threadmark index, and sorted in preferred display order on the threadmark list.
    • Permission controlled
    New Threadmark widget
    • Flexible ability to only show new threadmarks with configurable limits;
      • Only show a threadmark if it is from a watched thread or forum.
      • Only show a threadmark if it is from a permitted list of forums.
      • Only show unread.

    Latest updates

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      Fix merging threads would not merge threadmarks from source threads into the target thread in a...
    2. Xon - Threadmarks Pro 2.17.7

      Add image dimensions and mark as lazy loading for a thread's threadmark index icon Update...
    3. Xon - Threadmarks Pro 2.17.6

      Update to better support new "INP" or "Interaction to Next Paint" by avoiding triggering...
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