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    More Class Features:
    • Add appealing animations as pages load on your site. The various animations can be enabled and disabled.
    • Group pages together in the header to make navigation easier for users.
    • Set where you want an image to have parallax and the controls for it to add a neat effect on your site.
    • Let images automatically fade in and out to highlight several images on your forum.
    • Choose where visitor tabs go for mobile devices. You can either move them into the navigation or a tab bar at the bottom.
    • Add a Welcome Section for visitors to your forum to make your forum inviting and provide a simple way to sign up.
    • Customize the layout and contents of your footer.
    • Add Social Media icons that link to your social media pages that can be moved down to the footer or to the logo block.
    • Choose a modal window, dropdown, or slideout login style.
    • Easily customize your forum by putting a content wrapper around the main content, the main content and sidebar, or no wrapper at all.
    • Full sticky component support including sidebar, category strip headings, staff bar and more!
    • Support for languages that read right to left.
    • Collapse nodes, sidebar, postbit, signatures, and extra info under avatars.
    • Optionally enable dynamic avatars based on Material Design's color system.
    • Choose from 3 page style types: fixed, wrapped, and covered.
    • Move the sidebar to the right or left and align your navigation content to either the right or left.
    • Move the sidebar to an off canvas for mobile for better accessibility.
    • Set up your search to be a dropdown style or minimal search.
    • Add headings above normal threads and optionally allows users to collapse sticky threads.
    • Change the postbit avatar size to what fits your forum the best.

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