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    Download zCart Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace v2.6.5

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    Download zCart NULLED 2.3.1 – With the ZCart application, you can create your own multi-seller e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, Esty. It’s very easy to configure with a user-friendly built-in installer.

    Each seller (store owner) has a separate admin panel. A seller can add staff users to manage their store. You can limit the number of users and also limit the number of entries a provider can have.


    • Cross-sell function
    • Multilingual support
    • Beautiful invoices in PDF format
    • Logged activity with a detailed history
    • The advanced search algorithm for products like Amazon
    • Advanced catalog system like Amazon
    • Secret login to any account
    • Low inventory alert
    • Product features
    • Guest payment system
    • Role-based user permission (full dynamic control)
    • Multiple payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, COD, bank transfer)
    • Buyer rating system for both products and sellers
    • Order tracking system
    • Dynamic filters to find products
    • Multiple shopping carts
    • Ajax based shopping cart
    • Featured Categories
    • Wish list
    • Coupons
    • Theme based interface
    • A different theme for the seller landing page
    • Support ticket system
    • Fully featured message inbox
    • Refunds and disputes
    • Block sellers and customers
    • Can block users’ IP addresses
    • Full Google Analytics integration in the control panel
    • Visitor graph report without any third-party APIs
    • Maintenance mode for the entire platform and individual store
    • List of key product features
    • Items linked to your ad
    • Automatic search for related items
    • An algorithm to find featured best selling/trending products
    • Different shipping rates (automatic) based on price, weight, and shipping area
    • Shipping zone based tax system (automatic)
    • Premium packaging options for delivery
    • Social media login system with Facebook and Google
    • Newsletter subscription with MailChimp
    • Subscription-based provider registration (automatic renewal)
    • Fully controlled resource allocation for the provider (users/lists)
    • Sliders and Banners widget can be placed in multiple widget areas
    • Activity log (history log) for important resources
    • Bulk Customer and Inventory Loading (CSV)
    • The administrator can limit the number of records in a batch for batch upload
    • Global Advertising System
    • Push notification system
    • Advanced reporting
    • Advanced FAQ system
    • Static pages
    • Blog
    • Customer-seller meeting on the order page
    • SEO optimized
    • Option to import products and bulk inventory.
    • Cookie consent notice to comply with GDPR
    • Big actions for all tables
    • RTL language support
    • Dynamic language switching option
    • Supplier approval system
    • Seller verification system (identity, address and phone number)
    • Verified badge in seller name
    • Admin can update client and user password from admin panel
    • Now the administrator can configure providers to use their own catalog products
    • The manager can create an active commercial space for the market
    • Trash and restore option for banners and sliders
    • Invoice / order slip (pdf)
    • Vendor subscription invoice / receipt (pdf)
    • Communication with the seller has been added to the product page
    • Complete inbox module for customers
    • New client panel
    • CyberSource payment gateway
    • SEO fields for all categories
    • The supplier can add an executive note to orders
    • Free 4 translation files included

    Latest updates

    1. Cart - Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace v2.6.5 Nulled

      Cart - Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace v2.6.5 Nulled
    2. zCart - Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace v2.5.1

      Version 2.5.1 (04 March 2022) + Google Analytic Tracking ID * Currency symbol issue when showing...
    3. zCart v2.3.7 Nulled

      ‘+’ Added ‘*’ Fixed ‘-’ Removed ‘=‘ Improved ------------------ + Google place API added to...

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