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    Download Adult Script Pro 3.4.5 3.4.5

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    Welcome To Adult Script Pro​

    With our script you can create your own profitable adult video website that supports videos, photos, categories, channels, models, user communities and works on all devices! Get started in minutes!

    Mobile Revolution​

    Currently more than 60% of the adult traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets! Our script comes with both a mobile frontend and adaptable design. Your site will be optimized for smartphones by default!

    Responsive Templates​

    No matter what kind of device, be it laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet or smartTV your visitors are using, our responsive template will adapt and provide the best experience possible!

    HTML5 Video Support​

    HTML5 Video with faster loading, improved security and an overall enhanced experience for your visitors. Our script provides several video formats from 240p to 2160p (4K). With our HLS plugin you can also serve videos as M3U8 playlists!

    Search Engine Friendly​

    We respect and follow recommended Google Webmaters Guidelines: search engine friendly URLs, canonical URLs, relative prev/next URLs, unique meta title generation, social meta data and improved site structure!

    Scalable and Optimized​

    Want to start small and invest as your revenue increases? Our scripts comes with multi server architecture included by default, complex memcache caching and optimized mysql queries! Unlimited number of conversion and storage servers can be added!

    Easy Monetization​

    With more than 30 advertising positions, free VAST advertising system, player overlay banners, pre/mid/post roll player advertising and easy popup/messenger ads management, it has never been easier to make money from your adult tube site!

    Multilanguage Support​

    Supports subdomains or subdirectories with gTLD to display pages in different languages! Translate your website in virtually any language, directly from the administration panel! Are you ready to go global?

    Security Enhancements​

    We have integrated several security best practices like Prepared SQL Statements, CSRF Protection, Input Filtering, Multiple Captcha Systems, Spam Filter, ACL Roles, IP Based Restrictions and video files protection!

    Ready To Be Customized​

    We respect the HMVC coding style and our script comes with full 100% source code! You can editing everything, starting from creating new modules or plugins to modifying the template to suit your needs!

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